chicken cacciatore

What Pairs Best with Chicken Cacciatore?

The best chicken cacciatore lives in a rich and provincial sauce with chicken tumbling off the bone when you move to pick it up. But, just as important is knowing what pairs best with chicken cacciatore. Explore the Culinary Experience Legitimate chicken cacciatore is an Italian work of art, derived from pure culinary passion. You’llContinue reading “What Pairs Best with Chicken Cacciatore?”

The History of Chicken Cacciatore

Rumors have spread far and wide about the history of Chicken Cacciatore suggesting that ‘chicken Cacciatore‘ [catch-ah-toh-ree], or Tracker’s Chicken, started some place in Central Italy in the Renaissance time frame (ca. 1450-1600). You know, that piece of history of horrendous torment, the dark plague, superb workmanship and elaborately corseted powdered ladies rehearsing the harpsichord.Continue reading “The History of Chicken Cacciatore”

Old School Chicken Cacciatore Recipe

This is the perfect dish for a cold, rainy day. There’s something about this real deal, old school chicken cacciatore that makes it the ultimate soul food. The love and care put into this recipe by my grandmother’s grandmother is just beautiful and it deserves to be shared with the world! Great, Great Grandma’s ChickenContinue reading “Old School Chicken Cacciatore Recipe”