Greek Chicken Recipes

My Favorite Chicken Souvlaki Recipe

Simply put, “souvlaki” means meat skewer, so today I’ll be sharing my favorite Chicken Souvlaki recipe. My kids adore it, it’s super easy so I love making it – and it’s low carb, high protein. Keto-dieters will fall in love with this easy does it recipe. Best Chicken Soulvaki! Pro Tip: Pop the meat cutsContinue reading “My Favorite Chicken Souvlaki Recipe”

The Ultimate Chicken Gyros Recipe

You have got to try this amazing greek yogurt-marinated chicken gyros recipe, it’s BEYOND amazing! The best part is how ridiculously easy it is to make and you can feed a whole party without breaking a sweat. I find this to be the perfect backyard grill food for family get-togethers AND it’s low maintenance asContinue reading “The Ultimate Chicken Gyros Recipe”